Estate Sale Services

Who needs estate sale services?

  • Estate Executors who are feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of an estate sale.
  • Family Members who need to efficiently clear out a deceased loved one’s estate.
  • Estate and eldercare attorneys who can’t finalize an estate until a client deals with their descendent’s possessions.
  • People who need to downsize before moving to a smaller home or assisted living.

How does it work?

Patek Estate Sales will provide a free consultation to determine if an estate sale is a good match for your needs. We are happy to meet with you, your family, and/or your attorney so that everyone understands the process, fees, and benefits of an estate sale.

A few weeks before the sale date, we will visit the estate to sort, organize, research, price, and display all items for maximum visibility and value. (Family members may wish to remove any sentimental items before this phase.) We handle all the advertising, from placing ads to posting signs.

The sale itself will take two to three days. We will be on site the entire time to manage the sale. In the following days, we will lighten your load by clearing out unsold items and donating them to a local charity of your choice.

Why hire an Estate Services Coordinator?

A family-hosted estate sale can be emotionally draining. It takes a large commitment of time, effort, research, and knowledge to liquidate a lifetime’s worth of accumulation. Patek Estate Sales will confidently and compassionately handle your sale from start to finish. We efficiently manage all aspects of the sale, from organizing and set-up to pricing and advertising so that you can enjoy a stress-free estate sale experience.

What can be sold?

An estate sale, usually held inside the home, involves its entire contents. While furniture and larger items can bring in crowds, even smaller things like books, household goods, appliances, and tools all sell well.

How much does it cost?

Patek Estate Sales doesn't charge any up-front fees. After the sale, you will receive a complete sales/expense summary and your estate sale proceeds within 5-7 days of the close of the sale. If donating items, you will receive a receipt. We receive a percentage of all proceeds. Travel expenses may apply if outside of Victoria County. We will work hard to get top-dollar for your items!

What’s the first step?

For a free, no obligation consultation, contact Gay Patek!

Phone: 361-649-7013


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